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Sisterhood of Sin - SOS0375 Unleashed - Zoe Page vs Sabrina Jade

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Duration: 22:25 Views: 2.0K Submitted: 2 weeks ago
Description: Perky redhead Sisterhood of Sin regular, Zoe Page faces off SOS new girl dancer, Sabrina Jade on the oily tarp in this Unleashed encounter.

Zoe has a lot more experience under her belt than long legged Sabrina, and knows that she will need to pull out all the stops to overcome this new girl.

They lock up in a test of strength and Zoe finds herself overpowered and her back on the oily mats and being choked by Sabrina. Zoe’s uses her experience to trap Sabrina in a scissorhold and control her before locking her in a submission hold and spreading her long legs wide.

Zoe next resorts to a camel clutch wrenching Sabrina’s neck and back as she cranks backwards. Sabrina fights back using hairpulling and choking to fight back against Zoe.

The two women lock pussies and begin to trib, hatefucking each other as their moans are a mix of pain and pleasure. The oil assisting in making the friction of their pussies more pleasurable. They grab at each other’s tits as they fuck.

Eventually one woman gains top position and furiously tribs away at her opponent making her orgasms and inflicting defeat, but will it be experienced Zoe or spunky new girl Sabrina who is made to cum on the oily tarp?

Sabrina Jade wears a red bra and thong

Zoe Page wears a black bra and thong