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APL Competitive - AV1828 Anna vs Regan

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Duration: 18:11 Views: 894 Submitted: 2 weeks ago
Description: This is an interracial match, between Regan, probably the most skilled black wrestler currently active, and Anna, a feisty absolute beginner, who has that irresistible USA “girl-next-door” look that so many customers love.

After presenting themselves, they went for an intense staredown, noses and tits touching each other, while a female voice off-camera explained the rules for this headscissors match.

Without surprise, Regan attacked first, with a reversed headscissors, but Anna escaped and counter-attacked, also with a reverse headscissors.

Later Regan applied a figure 4 headscissors, in a schoolgirl pin position, which is one of the most humiliating headscissors positions. Not only the woman on bottom is being mercilessly squeezed, but she also has to take a close look at her tormentor’s pussy … and even smell it!

Anna resisted for a very long time, and in the process, she performed some really high bridges. A very impressive display of athleticism by the rookie! Anyhow, eventually Anna could take no more pain and humiliation, and had to submit to her ruthless black opponent.

The match continued with Regan on the attack, but Anna always resisted hard, and did all she could to limit the damages.

Eventually Regan won, as expected, and then got to perform a humiliating victory pose, but, in our opinion as producers, the real star of this match was Anna! This rookie will definitively go places!

Download now this beginner vs. seasoned interracial headscissors match, and see if you agree with us!
Models: Regan Anna